Meeting List

Meeting Location Time Contact
Monday: (Face to face) Steps and Traditions Dutch Reformed Church Helderberg, Somerset West 20:00–21:00 John 084 298 9736
Monday: (Face to face and ONLINE Meeting) Lakeside ONLINE and Mountain View Baptist Church, Lakeside, Cape Town 19:00–20:00 Nad 083 263 5328
Monday: (ZOOM meeting) Steps and Traditions Zoom 20:00–21:00 Zoom: Frederik 063 773 3585
Tuesday: (ZOOM Meeting) Green Point ZOOM Green Point 18:00–19:15 Frederik 063 733 3585
Tuesday: SAA.kom (Combined Face-to-face and SKYPE audio meeting) Kommetjie 18:00–19:15 Tim 084 366 1365
Wednesday: (Zoom Meeting) Grace ZOOM 20:00–21:15
Thursday: (Face to face Meeting) Surrender to Win Durbanville Presbyterian, Durbanville, Cape Town 19:30–21:00
Saturday: (Hybrid ZOOM and Face-to-Face Meeting) Express Breakfast Meeting St Bernard's Catholic Church, Newlands 08:00–09:00 Frederik 063 773 3585
Sunday: (Face to face Meeting) Serenity St. John's Anglican Church, Wynberg, Cape Town 18:00–19:30 Charles M